Wharf to Wharf Poster History

Wharf to Wharf Poster History

Poster History Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comIn 1985 Jim York thought that our great little race could use a poster. This began the relationship with York Framing Gallery and The Wharf to Wharf Committee.

Jay Collins was the first chosen artist and created a great view from the Santa Cruz Wharf, looking at the Casino for the 1986 inaugural print. His image has a pair of running shoes hanging on the rail. Jay died suddenly before the poster was released and in honor of this loss we make sure that there is a pair of shoes in each year’s poster.

How we choose an artist

Poster History Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.com

Marie Gabrielle

Each year the team at York decides on a vision for the next year’s poster. We try to get some diversity year to year by using different artists, vistas, & layout. Robin Lerios, owner at York Framing Gallery, then searches for an artist whose style and talent suits our vision. After interviews Robin chooses the next year’s artist and submits the infant design to the Wharf to Wharf Director, Scott McConville. The poster is really a collaboration between Robin Lerios, the artist, with points taken from the committee.

33 Years Later – 2018

This year we chose watercolorist Marie Gabrielle to make a view of the finish line from the beach in Capitola. You get the trestle behind as the runners go under the balloon arch on the bridge. The colorful Venetians on the left and buildings on the right create a lovely scene with the Soquel Creek running up the center.

Marie’s first Wharf to Wharf poster in 2002 sold out of its limited edition run! She was just voted as the Good Times Best Santa Cruz Artist. We are incredibly happy with the way she has conveyed the finish line in Capitola.

Posters are available online at http://www.yorkframinggallery.com and at York Framing Gallery 619 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz.

Poster History Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comThey will also be available on the morning of the race Sunday, July 22 until 11:00 a.m. in Capitola in front of Brittania Arms. Marie will be there to sign posters and meet with folks.


Marie Gabrielle’s paintings capture the beauty and vibrant colors of the world around us. A native of Paris, she was originally a textile designer & colorist working in high fashion. When Marie moved to Santa Cruz she fell in love with the beauty of the California landscape and began her career as a watercolorist.

Marie’s enthusiasm shows in the scenes she chooses to paint and her distinctive style, purposefully abstracted or highly realistic, preserving the essence of the subject. Her work is internationally recognized and appreciated.

Contact Marie at (831) 423-1613 www.mariegabrielle.com

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