Water Project Pays Off in a Big Way

Water Project Pays Off in a Big Way

Optimized Recycled Water Facility Increases Deliveries

Water Project Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comThe Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency (PV Water) recently brought on line a new storage tank that is making it possible to deliver even more recycled water for agricultural irrigation. Growers using recycled water reduce their need for well water.

“This past year the agency, working closely with the City of Watsonville, completed construction of the $4.6 million, 1.5 million gallon recycled water storage tank and improved the distribution pump station facility. The new tank provides us the ability to treat and store nighttime flows and distribute the recycled water during the day,” explained PV Water General Manager Brian Lockwood

“We have an increased volume irrigation supply which ready each day for distribution to coastal farms. The additional storage is part of PV Water’s plan to optimize recycled water deliveries, which is an important part of our plan to /stop seawater intrusion and groundwater overdraft” he added.

Water Project Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comLockwood concluded, “This project was made possible by Federal and State grants (Title XVI, Prop 84, Prop 1), which helped fund the Recycled Water Facility and recent improvements. We are proud of this work and plan to celebrate with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on May 3, 2018”

Recycled water was in January 93% of the PV Water’s supplemental supply delivered to growers and in February were 87% recycled water. Lockwood noted, “That’s water we didn’t have to pump from our over drafted aquifers, water that would have flowed unused out to the bay. The new tank also helps to protect our environment and regional economy.”

The increased storage at the Recycled Water Facility is just one project included in a comprehensive Basin Management Plan that describes diverse solutions to reduce groundwater overdraft and halt seawater intrusion in the Pajaro Valley.


PV Water is a Groundwater Sustainability Agency whose mission is to protect and preserve the water resources within the agency’s jurisdiction, generally the greater coastal Pajaro Valley.

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