Vine Hill School Goes on Stage!

Vine Hill School Goes on Stage!

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Wicken Queen (Mikayla Ratoo Coogan) poisoning the apple. • Amber Coogan Photography

For parents who love to see their children perform on stage, there is now a way to do this without a lot of the time and stress it takes to produce a school stage play or musical. There is a production company called 3 Snaps in San Jose that can help make this happen.

The Vine Hill PTA and Stephen Hilliard of 3 Snaps Productions is presenting “9 Little Men and a Lady,” also known as a modified Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as the first annual Vine Hill PTA endorsed theatre production.

Snow White (Haley Clarke) with the animalsStephen Hilliard, Founder and Artistic Director of 3 Snaps Productions, has been working diligently with the children since January to put together this theatre presentation. Stephen is a graduate of Wayne State University’s undergrad theatre program at the Bonstelle Theatre, and has over 15 years of theatre experience both in front and behind the curtain. His passion is theatre for children performed by children and for his productions, he has written over 10 children’s plays.

The summary of the story of “9 Little Men and a Lady” is that Snow White is cruelly locked up in a scary, magic castle by her wicked stepmother, the Queen, (who is also a witch!). The cruel Queen wants to be the fairest in the land and so has evil plans for Snow White.

Prince Charming — Dylan GuinTryouts for the show began on December 21 and the cast list was announced the following day while the children were on Winter Break. The cast list includes 35 children from Vine Hill elementary. The kids have been staying after school two days a week since coming back from Winter Break working hard to bring this production to all the children at Vine Hill elementary and to the teachers and parents.

Leading roles are: Haley Clarke as Snow White while Prince Charming is Dylan Guin. The Wicked Queen is for this production is Mikalya Ratoo Coogan, the Old Woman is played by Jasmine Madan-Niccum and the magical mirror is Tessa Snyder.

Narrators for the play are Lauren Smith, Savannah Woods, David Foxx and Seri Thompson. All these children have been putting in a lot of time and effort to make this production entertaining for their classmates, teachers and families.

Old Woman (Jasmine Madan-Niccum) looking into the mirror (Tessa Snyder)The children will give five performances in all. Three day time performances during school for the teachers and classmates, and two evening performances for all the parents, grandparents, friends, relatives and for the community to come and see.

The evening performances were to be held at the Vine Hill elementary recreation room on Thursday, February 28 at 7:00 pm and Friday, March 1 at 7:00 pm. Tickets to be $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for children at the door with the doors opening at 6:45 pm.

The next 3 Snaps production in process will be for Brook Knoll School. This will also present the same play, “9 Little Men and a Lady” on May 16 and 17 2013. Check or their Facebook page for more information.

Funeral scene with dwarfs, animals and Snow White (The Dwarves: Jaden Muelman, Lillian Rex, Sydney Peterson, Brooklynn Winters, Ariana Panerio, Asher Hildebrand, Agrya Alley, Marina Matty, Prajna Alley).

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