TPG’s 19th Annual Poetry Winners

TPG’s 19th Annual Poetry Winners


Poetry Winners Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comThe Times Publishing Group, Inc.’s Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest has been a success once more. Thanks to all our readers who participated and shared their stories in prose.

We want to thank these local businesses for providing our winners the following fabulous prizes:

  • For the Scotts Valley Times, Malone’s Grille
  • For the Aptos Times, The Hideout
  • For the Capitola Soquel Times, Café Cruz.

And the Winners are…

Robert Krenz of Watsonville for the Aptos Times. Robert’s prize is a $50 Gift Certificate for The Hideout in Aptos.

Carole Mello of Ben Lomond for the Scotts Valley Times. Carole’s prize is a $50 Gift Certificate for Malone’s Grille in Scotts Valley.

Katie Williams of Soquel for the Capitola Soquel Times. Katie’s Prize is a $50 Gift Certificate for Café Cruz in Soquel.

Aptos Times Winning Valentine’s Day Poem

Poetry Winners Times Publishing Group Inc

Robert Krenz

Robert W. Krenz

Vibrant Love

Love is the sharing of individual perceptions
Mutually vibrant, clearing at the speed of sight.
A light feeling like the fresh sense of morning
and as you said, it is a good thing received or given.
Learning to trust, to listen without judging
is the center of love.

It is not just a spark or the pleasures shared.
Love is the act of healing the damage
we can create between one another.

It is growing a respect and appreciation,
an ability to learn together the charm
and the subtleties of each other.

Love can be selfish and demanding.
It is wanting and needing.
Love is lost without pleasure.

Being kind and considerate may be a form of love,
yet love can be like a wild and reckless horse,
bucking and kicking, never wanting to be ridden.

Love is the will to give, to find the beauty in another.
Love is a hunger yearning to be fed.

Love is the drive to find an answer to a question;
to be on that quest, to feel like the horse running.
Love may come in dreams, may raise itself in sleep.

Love is the sense of satisfaction, but may tear you apart.
There is no sure fire way to know, for love is apt to part.


Mr. Krenz is also the author of Horses and The Image Nation.

Scotts Valley Times Winning Valentine’s Day Poem

Poetry Winners Times Publishing Group Inc

Carole Mello

Carole Mello
Ben Lomond

A Senior Valentine

I don’t think love is wasted on the young
Enjoy, eat chocolate, drink wine, because soon the time will come…

When the days of yore,
Have come and gone

Passionate kisses are not for what we long

A hug, a squeeze,
Careful, not too hard, we’ll be on our knees

A nap in the afternoon
These days too, will come soon

No more eating too late,
Might get gas after our date

When we’re young and in love,
A good body is like heaven above

Now we’re accepting our rolls on display
Approving of hair, whether it’s gone or simply turned gray

Love, a different kind, gets better every day
Maybe less passion, still it’s love, that shows in a sweet and gentle way

No, love is NOT wasted on the young,
Enjoy it while it lasts, it is truly fun

Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet
Don’t eat too much candy it’ll swell your feet!!

Capitola/Soquel Times Winning Valentine’s Day Poem

Poetry Winners Times Publishing Group Inc

Katie Williams

Katie Williams

Fourteen Years of Us

Ten years of marriage, four more before that.
We created two babies, both squishy and fat.
A thousand arguments, some big and some small,
Ten thousand memories to top them all.
Our firstborn was due on Valentine’s Day,
Your 30th birthday just 5 days away.
Luckily for us, she came a bit late,
We were able to squeeze in one last date.

Three days after that, she finally came,
This babe in the caul, with a flower name,
Heart-shaped placenta, pink and warm,
Our love had taken on a physical form.
Our second child was magical too.
After you caught him, our love just grew.
This special boy with love in his heart,
Has charmed each person, right from the start.

So together we work to raise them right,
Teach them to laugh, try not to fight.
Tired and weary, though we may be,
We always find laughter, it binds you and me.
But when day turns to night, what I truly love best,
With the children tucked in and a minute to rest,
Is sitting with you, a fire in the grate.
You, my best friend, my chosen mate.

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