Thriving With ADHD

Thriving With ADHD

ADHD Times Publishing Group Inc tpgoninedaily.comSymposium for Those Whose Lives are Touched by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD Times Publishing Group Inc tpgoninedaily.comADHD is REAL! ADHD affects one in 11 children, ages 4-17, according to the National Survey of Children’s Health, and 4.4 percent of adults aged 18-44. ADHD impacts school, jobs, relationships, and much more which is why ADHD Coaches, Judy Brenis, and Hannah Jones, are planning the second annual “Thriving With ADHD Symposium.”

“But ADHD is not a curse and does not have to limit your potential,” Brenis says. “What it does mean is that you have access to an adaptive and unique type of brain wiring and once you learn how to focus on your strengths, and learn tools and strategies to minimize your challenges, you can succeed.”

ADHD Times Publishing Group Inc tpgoninedaily.comKeynote Speaker Laurie Dupar “The Gifts of ADHD” creator of the ADHD Awareness Book Project. Dupar is a psychiatric nurse practitioner, senior certified ADHD life coach, mentor, and trainer. Her talk on “The Positive Qualities of ADHD, will help those with ADHD begin to appreciate their strengths and gifts that come with having this particular brain style such as creative problem solving, hyperfocus and a sense of humor!

Closing Speaker Lawrence Choy, MD, “The Science and Neuroplasticity of the ADHD Brain: How to ‘Hack & Rewire’ the ADHD Brain” Medical Director of the Elite Focus Clinic. Choy will share his knowledge on the neuroplasticity of the ADHD brain as well as talk about his own personal story with ADHD. “The key to navigating a life with ADHD is to understand how our brain works,” Choy says. “The brain is the most complex system in the universe, so gaining an understanding of its fundamental structure and function is essential. By learning the basics of the brain, you can apply the knowledge toward optimizing and strengthening your brain’s abilities to enhance your life and build resilience.”

ADHD Times Publishing Group Inc tpgoninedaily.comInteractive Breakout sessions with experts in the ADHD field, including: • Judy Brenis, ADHD Coach and author of ADHD Heroes • Hannah Jones, ADHD and EF Coach at Seabright Coaching • Dr. Gerard Chambers, Santa Cruz Psychologist Specializing in ADHD • Grace Friedman, Founder of and ADHD Youth Advocate • Doug Barsanti, owner of Reinvention Fitness, Peggy Church, Counselor and Faculty Member, Cabrillo College Accessibility Support Center • Deborah Smith, Professional Organizer • and more!


For more information and to register go to or contact Judy Brenis at

Thriving With ADHD, Sunday, October 14, 1:00-6:00 p.m., Temple Beth El 3055 Porter Gulch Road, Aptos • $45 Early Bird Registration ends September 15! • Registration is $50/$55 at the Door

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