The Color of Words

The Color of Words

Because words are meant to be read, the Aptos Times and MarVista School jointly sponsor The Wonder of Words where Mar Vista students have the opportunity to see their words in print to encourage good writing. This is not a writing contest, but a compendium of student work. We want to hear from you, our readers, about your reaction to their words. Our thanks to Mar Vista Principal Todd Livingstone and Teacher Susan Nunes for bringing to you, The Wonder of Words. — Noel Smith, Editor


Unique and Unusual Green
Abigail Eissmann – 5th grade

Words_Abigail-EissmannIt’s hidden, sweet but minty,

He’s like dark green moss.

It has different moods like unique and unusual,

Like helpful but shy,

You might think of him as a really sweet guy.

He is the cousin of orange, yellow and blue…

Can you guess who?

Green of course!

Like the rolling hills in Ireland,

To the fashionable dress that’s flowing,

Green visits the sky in rainbows,

And makes himself grass that’s growing.

Green is green in its own special way,

Maybe the Earth should go all green one day.

He visits Luigi by coloring his hat,

And sometimes Kermit,

What do you think of that!

To a scary green snake,

To green beans on a plate,

Oscar’s green friend,

From Sesame street,

He crinkles his nose,

And wiggles his feet,

It’s hidden, sweet but minty.


I Am From
by Brian Bowyer – 5th grade

Words_Bryan-BowyerI am a boy, a living boy.

There are many things I enjoy.

I pretend to be a superhero,

saving the day,

and that is what I usually play.

I understand that I cannot be a hero with powers,

but I will be confident, I will not be a coward.

I hear that I live a wonderful life,

but when I get older, I will live it with a wife.

I wonder how life will be without any supervisor,

I bet it will be hard, I am no liar.

I try to be the best person I can,

look at me, I am turning into a nice man.

I feel so alive at times, I feel so divine.

I dream of things so random,

but when I wake up, I am just fine.

I see a lot of people walking around,

some people I will never see back in town.

I hope I will turn into an independent man,

but now I am only 10,

a boy I am.


Alana Patyk-Randa – 5th grade

Words_Alana-Patyk-RandaThe ocean crashing on the sand,

while soft music is being played by a magnificent band,

I see water splashing everywhere,

while kids are running here and there,

I see a fin rising above the waves,

is it the mammal that sees lives needed to be saved?

Why yes it is now that I see its bottlenose,

as it glides through the tube just like water in a hose,

she is beautiful, why yes she is,

like a smooth river rock wow she is as fast as some fizz,

her pod is jumping this way,

as I sashay down this great bay,

I swim in the water to catch up and say hi,

as I catch up, I see her innocent, blue eye,

she gives me a nudge for good luck,

then I whisper, “Oh shucks,”

she moves much faster as she squeaks away,

I hope I see you again someday.


Piano Playing
By Truman Natividad – 5th grade

Words_Truman-NatividadFingers flying across the keyboard

You won’t even think about getting bored

Black keys, white keys all around

Suddenly, you’ll fall in love with this sound

Scale, Octave, Sharp or Flat

Then you’ll be all over, just like that!

Classic, rock or jazz blue

I bet the piano is right for you!

Black and white, black and white,

Recitals are such a fright!

Play up there

If you dare!

Beethoven, Bach, or Mozart

They all made very nice art

And so can you!

All you really have to do

Is get up there

Maybe play Beethoven’s Fur Elise

And then, you will be proud of your piece.


The Color That Makes Up This World
Morgan Ziel – 5th grade

Words_Morgan-Ziel It’s hidden to the hikers glance,

But the color of the leaves is bold to the

fluttering birds above.

Green, the color of happiness in the world,

Living leaves that hang from branches.

Slimy ink that spreads on paper,

Sweet candy apples sugary and good.

Green is the color of crunchy bell peppers

filled with joy.

The color of one another’s eye,

The feathers speared across a parrot’s wing.

It has a minty taste like a refreshing stick of gum.

Green is the luck in a four-leaf clover.

Above in the sky where the tree tops grow,

To down below with the grapes in a bowl.

Kelp in the deep blue sea,

Green is the nature living on the floor.

The rolling hills of Scotland,

Oscar the little fuzz ball that lives in a trash can.

The dinosaurs that lived back in the day.

Juicy pears sweet in my mouth,

Green as in the paint smeared on my wall.

Green as in the birthstone of August,

Green is the color that makes up this world.


The Lucky Clover
By Molly Mott – 5th grade

Words_Molly-MottIt was 1954. I was fifteen when I lived in Mullingar, Ireland. I finally found what I was looking for. It all started when I was at home, alone. Boring. Absolute silence. But the worst part was that it was St. Patrick’s Day. I didn’t have plans at the time so I decided to go to my favorite place, the grassy hills.

I ran up to the hills and lay on the grass. I gazed to the left and I saw what I have always been looking for. I found a four-leaf clover. The tradition was to make a wish so I did. “I wish I could be the girl who people want to hangout with, not the one who sits alone.”

The next day was my least favorite day. Monday. But things were different that day. People crowded around me. They wanted to hangout with me. The real me. Molly McFey.

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