The Body Shop Fitness Studio

The Body Shop Fitness Studio

By Cynthia Howe

BodyShop_stretchingSometimes those first steps are the hardest when it comes to getting fit, but at The Body Shop Fitness Studio your first step may be just a telephone call away. By making that choice, you may be on the brink of beginning a whole new relationship with others, as well as yourself.

The Body Shop Fitness Studio is comfortable for men and women, young and old, new to exercise or the physically fit. The intimate-sized gym lends itself to more personal attention, stronger relationships, higher accountability and a great deal of fun.

Sunita, owner of the Body Shop Fitness Studio is passionate about life, fitness and people. She has helped hundreds of clients over the past nine years rediscover their fitness and health, while also learning how to be productive physically and mentally.

“Some clients have come in and they wanted to lose weight, or they wanted to run the Wharf to Wharf for the first time. One client wanted to become stronger for childbirth,” Sunita shared. “I encourage them while holding them accountable to their own goals. It’s this personal, physical productivity that I really appreciate being able to have a part of in their life.”

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. — Lao Tso

The Body Shop Fitness Studio specializes in personal training and small group classes led by a trainer. On most days, it is Sunita, the owner.

BodyShop_freeweightsThe trainer leads each person through a variety of strength building and muscular endurance exercises mixed with targeted aerobics. Clients enjoy the tempo and orchestration as there is very little down time waiting for equipment or space. Sunita, who works with each client throughout the process in varying degrees, keeps the body of movers in motion.

It all begins with ordinary people, coupled with their stories and motivated by their dreams. When they first meet Sunita and the staff at The Body Shop Fitness Studio, they are encouraged by the family setting and sense of familiarity. While most are looking for a physical personal trainer, they also come to realize that trainers like Sunita, are interested in their whole wellness.

“I treat my clients like family members. I get to know them personally because their ability to achieve will always be affected by their whole life, not just their health and fitness.” Sunita shared. “I’ve become personal in our relationships, while maintaining a high level of professionalism.”

Statistically, clients of The Body Shop Fitness Studio utilize the Studio more regularly, and continue their relationship with the Studio longer than clients of the larger commercialized gyms. Clients understand and value the fact that Sunita, and other trainers at the Studio, are not just personal trainers, they become an invaluable tool that can help them achieve whatever their dreams, or life, have put before them.

BodyShop_posterThe Body Shop Fitness Studio is the fruition of Sunita’s passion. It’s a place where people feel safe to come as they are, without judgment. There’s a positive culture that has developed over time and is established on respect among other participants.

Sunita earned her bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science from San Jose State University. Before setting her course as a personal trainer, she spent a decade working with seniors in a long-term health care facility developing nutrition plans. Her passion for health eventually led her to earn her certifications with American Council on Exercise as both a personal trainer and also as a group fitness instructor. Sunita continues to undergo regular education, including a certification in the extremely popular TRX exercise suspension system for all ages and levels.

Debbie Goodwin is the face of The Body Shop Fitness Studio. When asked why she believed the Studio was so popular, she responded, “Sunita loves what she does, and people know that; they feel it. That’s how they become family.”

The Body Shop Fitness Studio offers a variety of options to experience all they have to offer. People new to the Studio can make an appointment and join a small, 30-minute class where they can meet Sunita and the rest of the family. Personal, one-on-one training with Sunita, or another professional trainer, is available, as well as small group classes. Partnering with others in a class setting is motivating and ideal for many. There are Senior classes available that range between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on ability. Express classes offer a productive 30-minute workout that is custom designed for your needs. There is even a microspa for clients who wish to have a facial, including a facial infusion non-acid peel.


For more information, visit their website at, or drop by and see them at 4641 Soquel Drive, Soquel. To make an appointment, call them at 831-475-2800. 

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