Sip For Second Harvest 2019

Sip For Second Harvest 2019

Sip For Second Harvest Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comWhat if you could help fight hunger while sipping some of the Central Coast’s best wines?

The gorgeous Seascape Golf Club will once again be the setting for Second Harvest Food Bank’s annual event, Sip for Second Harvest that takes place on Sunday, February 24, from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

Now in it’s 4th year, the fundraiser brings together some of the most notable local winemakers – along with some fantastic cider and spirits producers – for a lively afternoon of tasting and new discoveries with wonderful members of our community. In addition to the wine tasting there will be a gift basket raffle, which always promises some fun surprises for the winners.

Whether you are already a fan of Santa Cruz Mountain wines, you’re a visitor to the area, or a long-time local who is seeking to broaden your personal list of favorites, Sip for Second Harvest is a fantastic opportunity for you to check out some of the best and newest wines produced by Santa Cruz Mountain wineries.

Sip For Second Harvest Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comIn addition to Martinelli’s Apple Cider, Santa Cruz Scrimpy Hard Cider, and Venus Spirits, which produce organic small-batch whiskey, gin, aquavit and blue agave, there will be a dozen wineries at the event.

Participating wineries include: Armitage Wines, Burrell School Vineyards, Hillcrest Vineyards, Kathryn Kennedy Winery, Lester Estates Wines, Loma Prieta Winery, Pelican Ranch, Houdon-Smith, Silver Mountain Vineyards, Margin Wines, Windy Oaks Estate Vineyards & Winery, and Wrights Station.

There will also be light appetizers. The event is held in a lovely open room in the Seascape Golf Club with outdoor decks where you can take in the stunning views while enjoying what may become your new favorite wine!

Last year, the event raised enough funds to provide over 40,000 meals to people in need in Santa Cruz County. These people include hardworking families, young children who must have food to learn and grow, farmworkers, elderly people on a fixed income, veterans, and people who are struggling with homelessness and mental illness.

Food insecurity affects 1 in 5 residents of Santa Cruz County and the problem is compounded by the area’s high cost of living. Many of our neighbors simply do not make enough money to make ends meet.

Second Harvest Food Bank is the oldest food bank in California and has won high praises from across the nation for its efforts to provide nutritious food – not just filling food – to its clients. In fact, over 65% of the food that Second Harvest distributes is produce that has been generously donated by local farmers.

To get this food where it’s needed most, Second Harvest partners with 100 non-profits, such as churches, schools and shelters to distribute food throughout the community.

In addition to partnering with agencies like Grey Bears, the Salvation Army and Jacobs Heart, Second Harvest provides nutrition education and food distribution at 90 locations throughout the county. At these distribution sites, Second Harvest staff and volunteers provide nutrition education so that clients can learn how to cook healthier meals, what to look for on food labels, and how to spot the warning signs of diabetes, which is prevalent in low-income populations due to the lack of a balanced diet.

In addition to nutrition education, in some locations, free Zumba fitness classes are offered which provide a fun and healthy way for neighbors to connect with each other, thus building a stronger community.


Tickets are available now at This event sells out every year, so make sure you purchase your tickets early! Every ticket purchased for Sip for Second Harvest provides 150 meals to our neighbors in need throughout the county.

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