Shelving Your Books

Shelving Your Books

By Pam Hudson

Books Aplenty, Books Galore

Shelving Your Books Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comKerry, a book aficionado, reads the same book multiple times, lines her book shelves with books of every genre, and finds comfort being surrounded by books like some find comfort with fuzzy slippers and fleecy robes. However, (and there’s always a “however” in the world of an organizing maven), her books runneth over, and her traditional bookshelves can no longer accommodate her collection. So, what’s a bookworm to do, short of gifting away her books?

Create visually appealing decor, book by book, or course! Tall ceilings and stairways create the perfect backdrop for “book decor,” and if you don’t have an issue with the accumulation of book dust, here’s your solution

Shelving Your Books Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comReplace your traditional bookcases with floor-to-ceiling adjustable shelves, avoiding any gaps in between, and go to town sorting and shelving your books (Dewey Decimal, alpha by author, color, size), and create a wallpaper-like atmosphere with your books.

Or, if you have stairs, line the walls of the stairwell with ledges, row upon row. If you’ve enjoyed the book and truly want to edit your belongings, most libraries gladly accept book and magazine donations that they sell and give away, then use the funds to purchase issues requested by their patrons.

Transform your hall closet into a functional “drop zone”

Shelving Your Books Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comEvery home needs a central “drop zone” for shoes, backpacks and jackets, but where? Chances are, it’s likely the kitchen table, sofa or floor by the door! And yet, we forget to actually OPEN the hall closet door and put our things INSIDE as we walk right past it on our way to drop our stuff somewhere less suitable.

For some crazy reason, the hall closet is typically reserved for infrequently worn coats on bulky hangers, random cleaning supplies, and the vacuum cleaner. Instead, rethink that hall closet, and convert it very simply into a truly convenient, accessible and functional drop zone for the family. We know it’s convenient, since it’s next to the door we just walked through.

To make it more accessible, remove the door and gussy it up inside with wallpaper, paint and wainscoting so it looks like an attractive nook. To create a fully functional space, regardless of how small it may be, install plenty of heavy-duty hooks, shelves, a stationary bench for removing shoes with a roll-out shoe bin directly below, and a resting place for smaller items, like incoming mail, a dog leash, keys and pocket change. And remember to install adequate lighting.

Use framed pictures above the hooks to remind family members where their items belong (and keep them accountable for their things), and you’ll be one step closer to an organized home.


Pam Hudson, owner of Simplify With Pam, a professional organizing business here on the Central Coast works with busy families, individuals and small businesses, as well as people who are downsizing, relocating and moving. Visit:

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