“She Rises”

“She Rises”

The Mountain Art Center Presents The Art and Books of Barbara Thomas and Robin Lysne

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Robin Lysne (left) and Barbara Thomas

The Mountain Art Center is pleased to present She Rises: The art and books of Barbara Thomas and Robin Lysne until Saturday, July 14 when there will be a closing reception.

The public is invited to this show that is dedicated to the Sacred Feminine. The art of both artists, exhibits their expression of the subtler worlds while offering their view of nature as teacher. Both artist/authors explore dreams, visions and experiences of the sacred feminine in their work.

Barbara has held three one-woman shows in the past 20 years. She offers workshops honoring the divine feminine using her illustrated book The Burned Woman and DVD Healing Burned Woman as the basis for a workshop she developed.

Barbara’s latest book Living with the Spirits of the Land will be released this month, narrating her spiritual memoir and experiences relating with the spirits that live in the sacred grove called the Amphitheater on her property. Celebrating the past five years she along with Mary Jane Di Piero and Mano, Barbara’s elemental teacher, have collaborated on a Blog, Council of Gnomes sharing teachings from the spirits of her land. Her website is: www.BarbaraThomas.info

She Rises Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comRobin Lysne is a long time resident of Santa Cruz County now residing in Capitola. Her work has been shown widely from New York City to Marin County and Santa Cruz. In Michigan she had several one-person shows before she left for California. Over the past several years, she has focused on her books, poetry and book art, and her private practice in Energy Medicine.

She has exhibited through the Mountain Art Center and the SC. Art League in various group exhibits. She leads a monthly group of people in communicating with Star Woman, or the Divine Mother. This is the first large exhibit of her work in more than 20 years. Her websites are: www.bluebonebooks.com and www.thecenterfortehsoul.com

She Rises Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comBoth artists have been a part of each other’s lives since they first met in Santa Fe at the International Conference of Science and Consciousness, in 2001 when Lysne was presenting on the Science of Ritual from her book, Dancing Up the Moon. At that conference they discovered they were the only participants from Boulder Creek, CA! After that, Robin joined them and ran a sweat lodge on their land for fourteen years.

Barbara and Robin continue to gather and share dinner, and discuss their interests in art, writing and the spirits of the land. Robin often holds workshops and classes at Amity Cottage on Barbara’s property. This exhibit is a culmination of many years exploring and sharing together.


The Mountain Art Center is located at 9341 Mill Street in Ben Lomond.

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