Seascape Physical Therapy & Village Fitness

Seascape Physical Therapy & Village Fitness

Helping Men and Women to Stay Fit … or to Recover from Physical Trauma

By Cynthia Howe

Seascape-PTVF-LogoRalph Waldo Emerson once said, “The first wealth is health.” For those who agree, Seascape Physical Therapy & Village Fitness is a place where one may invest in their future by just ‘showing up’.

“We feel passionate about people, and about their health, so much so that we say, ‘just show up, just get here, and we will help you with the rest’,” shared Jim Tucker. He and his wife Kathy are owners of Seascape Physical Therapy & Village Fitness. “We make the commitment to walk with you, to support you and help you reach your goals.

Everyone envisions where they want to be physically and mentally. They have an inner-self that looks and feels like their ideal self. Jim and Kathy Tucker provide you with the opportunity to stop envisioning and to start becoming that inner-you, and they will be your partners in your success.

SVF-StaffFrom the time you walk in the door you find a welcoming environment, not particularly crowded or overwhelming. They begin by assessing your physical and nutritional needs. Through the assessment process, they begin educating and building that one on one relationship that is a vital part of what they do. As you read this, you may begin to sense that this is not your typical gym, and you’re right.

The certified fitness coaches are encouraging and professional and are trained to teach proper techniques that reinforce normal movement patterns and maximize safety. Their methodology is based on medical sciences and biomechanics. They have combined their own personal experiences with Jim’s expertise in orthopedic physical therapy to develop affective and sustainable training programs.

“We don’t have independent trainers here, we have a system of training.” Jim explained. “It’s important that any training be consistent and reinforceable. Maintaining continuity of training philosophies and techniques is vital to the members’ program. We don’t want them hearing three different ways they are to be doing a certain movement. By streamlining methodologies amongst our fitness coaches, we maintain the continuity of training and can safely progress each member’s program.

Steve-Ghio-mug“I want to thank the team at Seascape Village Fitness for putting me on the path to better health… In addition to losing weight and inches off my waist; I feel stronger, more alert, more focused, and have met an amazing group of people along the way.”

— Steve Ghio

Members of Seascape Physical Therapy & Village Fitness will be introduced to a number of different fitness options. They can choose to workout independently, privately with a trainer, in a small group, or in the large group setting. They may also choose a combination of each of the training options to add variety and/or specificity to their program.

Jim describes their training as “function-based cross training.” We believe that combining natural functional movement patterns with variable intervals, intensities, and resistance, results in improved total body strength, flexibility and power, cardiovascular endurance, weight loss, and ultimately performance. “It’s about quality of life,” explained Jim. “Our goal is to help our clients look, feel and function better.

Going to a typical gym where they use isolated strength training machines does not promote or improved function. It can actually cause many orthopedic problems because this type of training often places strength on top of an under lying functional weakness or imbalance. We prefer to use kettle bells, suspension trainers, boxes, resistance bands, weighted balls, sleds, gym balls, ropes, dumbells, balance boards and other function training equipment which allow us to simulate and build upon natural functional movements.

Working-OutSeascape Physical Therapy & Village Fitness has developed a comprehensive fitness and weight loss program that has helped a number of clients lose ten to twenty five pounds in a matter of months. The program includes ongoing nutrition and fitness assessments, weekly private meetings with a nutrition/fitness coach, a workbook with supporting materials and a choice of fitness and personal training options. It’s not a typical diet, but more of an education about good nutrition, proper food selection and portions, and twelve weeks of personal encouragement and accountability.

Steve Ghio found success in their program and it has changed his life. “I want to thank the team at Seascape Physical Therapy & Village Fitness for putting me on the path to better health.” Steve shared. “In addition to losing weight and inches off my waist; I feel stronger, more alert, more focused, and have met an amazing group of people along the way. I was always the one that dreaded the words “Working out.” Now I look forward to my workouts. The team here challenges me to continue to improve my fitness and my health. Thanks again, you guys are great!”

Jim and Kathy Tucker have been in the medical and physical therapy profession for over two decades. Jim is a board-certified orthopedic specialist and Kathy is a nurse and massage therapist. Their professionalism is only out-shined by their gift of friendship and hospitality that has helped grow, not only a business, but a sense of community within their doors.

Community carries a sense of cohesiveness among a group of people who share a common culture. It plays a vital role in offering camaraderie and providing a support system among people. At Seascape Physical Therapy & Village Fitness , this sense of community provides the encouragement to continue the path towards that inner-ideal-you. Friendships as well as a healthier you, what more could a person ask for?


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