SCWD Mobile Educational Trailer

SCWD Mobile Educational Trailer

District Receives “2018 Award of Excellence in Outreach and Education” Award

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Vaidehi Campbell, SCWD Communications Specialists, talks with local residents at the Aptos Fire Station Open House.

The Soquel Creek Water District has proudly received a significant honor from the National WateReuse Association: the 2018 Award of Excellence for Outreach and Education, in recognition of the District’s Pure Water Soquel Mobile Educational Trailer.

This annual award was presented during the 33rd Annual WateReuse Symposium in Austin, Texas which recognizes agencies, individuals, and projects that are making significant contributions in increasing knowledge, awareness, and research of recycled water and beneficial reuse.

The Mobile Educational Trailer is a colorful, interactive, fun, and engaging community outreach tool, designed to help educate the community on the critical issue of water reuse, and the District’s proposed water purification/groundwater recharge and seawater intrusion prevention project, Pure Water Soquel.

The trailer, which District staff takes to schools, special events, and other locations, features bright and colorful information panels, hands-on-samples of actual materials involved in the water purification process, entertaining and informative videos, and more.

Mobile Educational Times Publishing Group Inc

From Left: WateReuse Board President Paul Jones II, Melanie Mow Schumacher — SCWD Special Projects / Communications Manager, and Taj Dufour — SCWD Engineering Manager/Chief Engineer, at the 2018 WateReuse Symposium

“Our Mobile Educational Trailer has had great success in helping people of all ages throughout our community to gain a better understanding of water reuse and Pure Water Soquel,” said Ron Duncan, General Manager. “We’re very proud to gain this recognition and praise from the WateReuse Association – it tells us we’re doing the right things to reach our community, and inspires us to continue seeking new, interesting ways to engage people in learning about the District and the services we provide.”

Built in 2017 on a shoestring budget and with an eight-week deadline, the Soquel Creek Water District’s Outreach team was able to create the Mobile Educational Trailer, put it on the road, and get it in front of audiences. In that very short time-frame available, District staff acquired the trailer, developed the informational messaging, designed the layout and look-and-feel for both inside and outside the trailer, arranged for all the materials to be printed/assembled, had the outside professionally wrapped with graphics and text, and produced/installed all the interior materials.

So far the Pure Water Soquel Mobile Educational Trailer has visited over 24 sites, reaching more than 3,500 kids and adults. Upon its debut in July 2017, the District started receiving inquiries from other water agencies seeking information about the trailer and how to create one for their community.

For local community groups, schools, clubs, or neighborhood associations interested in having the District’s mobile educational trailer come visit them, please contact Vaidehi Campbell at 831-475-8501×142 or


As always, if you have any questions about this month’s topic or anything else related to Soquel Creek Water District, feel free to contact Melanie Mow Schumacher at or 831-475-8501 x153 and visit

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