Scotts Valley City Council Election

Scotts Valley City Council Election

City Council Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comFor the Scotts Valley City Council there are two (2) seats up for election with three (3) candidates. Running for re-election are incumbents Stephany Aguilar and Jim Reed. Running for the City Council for the first time is Derek Timm.

The Scotts Valley Times is devoted to the task of informing
the voters rather than endorsing a particular person for the office. We asked each of the candidates to answer two (2) questions; two responded, Stephany Aguilar and Derek Timm. Here are the two questions and their answers:

Do you support population growth within the city through further residential development?

City Council Times Publishing Group Inc

Stephany Aguilar

Stephany Aguilar: One of the many important responsibilities I have as a city council member is guiding the physical growth of our community through our established General Plan. Planning includes a broad range of activities, including determining how land will be used, how to provide infrastructure and services to those uses, and what the built environment will look like. As a city, our planning and community development have far reaching impacts on the health, safety, and welfare of our residents. Economic vitality, environmental health and quality of life are all influenced by land use and design decisions. It is within the guidelines of our existing General Plan and State Certified Housing Element, that I see the planned growth of Scotts Valley’s housing, and that of our economic vitality and environmental health.

Derek Timm: I’m proud to call Scotts Valley home. If elected, I will continue to work hard to preserve and protect the small-town charm we love. Growth is a key issue facing the city. We have to manage growth so it happens in a way that protects what we all love about Scotts Valley. A certain amount of growth is mandated by the state, and I believe we can do it in a responsible way.

I see my role as a conduit for what the people want. The public should be included in the decision-making process, and I desire to see more outreach around residential development and improved visibility and input by the public. When the community is included in the
discussion, you end up with a better project that meets more of the community’s goals.

I currently sit on the General Plan committee for the City, and we have had over 1,000 responses from the public on what we need our focus to be in Scotts Valley. People want a town center, but they also want to see our open space protected. I will work together to make sure these goals are met in a way that is responsible for future generations.

What should be the next “big thing” for Scotts Valley?

City Council Times Publishing Group Inc

Derek Timm

Derek Timm: Scotts Valley has so much going for it as a town, but it is not a place that tourists nor the rest of our County come to eat, shop or play. We need to promote our parks and trail systems, and tie those in with shopping and dining opportunities. We have a once in a generation opportunity in the Town Center to create a family friendly destination that really doesn’t exist elsewhere in the County- and we need to get it right.

If we succeed, it will help the tax base that is struggling in our City right now, and help fund our police, infrastructure, parks and so much more. It will also help fulfill the promise of what Scotts Valley deserves to be. As a community leader, I have demonstrated my ability to bring people together around issues we all care about. I believe if we work as a community by putting Scotts Valley first – we will not only protect what we love about Scotts Valley, but solve many of our City’s financial issues in the process.

Stephany Aguilar: The next “big thing” is that we remain diligent in determining how we guide the growth and economic stability of Scotts Valley! Within those parameters we must support our businesses, work to stimulate economic growth, continue to maintain a strong public safety sector and collaborate to maintain and enhance our revenues.

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