Quinn Youngs

Quinn Youngs

Aptos High School Student of the Year

Quinn Youngs Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comAptos High School was proud to present our Student of the Year, senior Quinn Youngs, to the PVUSD Board of Trustees at their meeting on October 25th.

Quinn is diligent, hard working, creative, and an all around delightful person. When reflecting on Quinn’s contributions to our Mariner community, her teachers consistently recall Quinn’s positivity, inclusivity, and creativity.

In addition to her dedication to the Theatre Arts and Choir programs, Quinn is a genuinely caring person who strives to make the world around her a better place. She shows up with a smile on her face and is always ready to roll up her sleeves and tackle any new challenge or project with a positive attitude.

Quinn is a talented and intuitive actor and has offered unique takes on each of her roles. She has committed the same amount of thought and hard work to every role on stage and off, regardless of the size.

She is personable and warm, making her peers feel at ease, whether in collaborative situations or as a leader. As a community, we have watched her grow her confidence over the past 3 years, from being unsure of herself and her abilities, to taking risks and accepting challenges that would daunt many. Quinn’s impressive audition for the fall play earned her the lead role of Elizabeth Bennet in our fall production of “Pride and Prejudice.”

For the past three years, Quinn juggled the demands of playing water polo and swimming with her creative pursuits. She has managed sports and theatre, along with a very challenging course load and participation on the award winning Mock Trial team.

Aptos High congratulates our Student of the Year, Quinn Youngs!

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