Pregnant Mare Rescue

Pregnant Mare Rescue

Pregnant Mare Rescue Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comBy Erin Kelly-Allshouse 

Pregnant Mare Rescue Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comWhat began as a project to rescue horses, specifically mares and their unborn foals from imminent slaughter, has become the life mission for founder and president of Pregnant Mare Rescue Lynn Hummer.

Pregnant Mare Rescue is a temporary horse sanctuary committed to rescuing pregnant mares and orphaned foals from abuse, and advocating for the humane treatment of all horses through education, while enriching the human experience with those who interact. Pregnant Mare Rescue is a nonprofit Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries based in Larkin Valley going into its 14th year of operation.

Pregnant Mare Rescue (PRM) began in May of 2006 after Hummer relocated her family to Santa Cruz County from Campbell where she grew up. “We had to do a lot to move here and make it happen; it was a big undertaking,” she said. Hummer followed her strong need to make a safe environment for the animals whom she loves.  The idea came forth at the age of 50 like opened floodgates when she took her daughter for a 3-day vacation to ride horses. This is where she learned about horses being shipped out of the US to get slaughtered she said. “I became so passionate about doing something about it,” said Hummer.

Pregnant Mare Rescue Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comThe decision has been a great one for Lynn and her husband Dave of 29 years. They enjoy ranch life, the coastal fog and the wonderful feeling of making a difference. “It’s so fun,” she said.

Pulling pregnant mares out of harm’s way full time, and raising her family, she has remained relentless to the goal of saving pregnant mares and orphaned foals from abuse, abandonment and a trip to the slaughterhouse. “Today I still find it so horrific that they are still shipping horses to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered where they are then butchered, made into meat and sold to other countries, Hummer explained.

PMR is a non-riding facility where Hummer said she currently has forty horses in her care and six of those on her three acres.  In nearly thirteen years since its inception, PMR has rescued, rehabilitated and found new homes for more than 380 horses. In our care, Hummer said the spirit of the horse is protected, alive and well.

Pregnant Mare Rescue Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comHummer said the foals are born there have had no bad days, so the babies are always easy to adopt out. “If the mares who arrive are too traumatized we find permanent sanctuary for them for rest of their life. We are a no kill organization and we track every horse to the best of our ability at PMR.”

PMR strives to educate the public of the horrific cruelties and ill treatment toward equines that exist today. Whether it be the abuses and dirty little secrets of the horse racing industry, the dwindling mustang herds suffering eradication from public lands or the abuses pregnant mares and foals endure in order to support the production of the drugs for Estrogen Replacement Therapy, PMR works tirelessly to shed light on these atrocities and save equine lives.

Hummer has long been an animal activist, environmentalist and volunteer and her latest title is author. From protesting Nuclear Power Plants in the 1970’s, to a career in music for much of the 80’s, an enormous portion of her life’s work has been raising money for animal rights.

These horses are all coming from abusive situations like abandonment or they are left starving and PMR provides a home for them to recuperate and rehabilitate. “Presently, our efforts are focused on securing additional acreage to fulfill the demands of people wanting to participate in our programs.” Hummer said. Calling in certified equine specialists, Hummer developed seven programs. The Share and Care Program, Pennies for PMR for preschools, and The Wonder of Horses Program are just three of the most enjoyed, well-received programs designed to help children experience the value of a caring for a horse. All of the programs are for adults and children to experience all the levels of ‘horse’, said Hummer.

At PMR, the staff believe all the horses are healers. They provide opportunities for the community to experience the magic and wonder of their nature and the rescued horses demonstrate their gifts of healing and comfort and miracles take place.

Plainly stated, said Hummer, the natural horsemanship philosophy of harmony between human and horse is so powerful it lends an opportunity for a broken horse to mend the broken child creating a spiritual connection and lessons of love, healing, trust and hope.

Hummer has lived to see remarkable life changing experiences that horses share in a therapeutic setting. “These horses are companions and best friends and are not just for riding.”

For the Love of Horse, her new book coming out soon, is a chronicle of the last 13 years in rescue. “I learned so much about the heavy politics on both sides of the political divide”, she said. “They are eradicating our American Mustangs off their native homeland ranges and I do feel they are now a threatened species and may very well become extinct,” Hummer said.

Hummer also has a series of children’s books called “Our Horse Stories” that will be available on March 1 through Amazon. Her ten book series will have stories told by the horses that address tough situations like neglect, violence, abuse, and grief, all issues that they have experienced. The hope is that their stories of resilience and hope will resonate with children enduring their own struggles.

Hummer said staff at PMR are really trying to acquire additional land, and the board of directors is beginning an endowment fund to help with a regulated budget to help move the organization forward.

If you’d like to contribute to the endowment fund, you can send payment through PayPal or Network for Good. You can also send a check to P.O. Box 962 Aptos, CA 95001.


Starting in April you can schedule a visit for an AirBnB experience, email: or visit For visiting hours: please call 408-540-8568 to schedule a visit between 12:00-3 on Saturdays for free. PMR will hold its first fundraiser June 22 called “A brunch with our babies.” This is a farm to table style lunch and a chance to enter a raffle and visit with the baby foals Tickets will become available through Eventbrite in April and on the website.

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