Positive Aging

Positive Aging

By Joyce Oroz

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Tony Alonzo, Top Right pictured with his Positive Aging class attendees!

Tony Alonzo recently offered a class in Positive Aging at the Mid-County Senior Center. There’s a lot of talk about aging these days because so many are doing a lot of it and we want to do it well!

The Mid County Senior Center in Capitola has long been the go-to place to have fun in the years past the big 50. If there’s not a class about what your interests are, you can begin one yourself. The possibilities are endless and the probability of it succeeding is very high.

Finding some time to talk to Tony Alonzo for reflection is a bit challenging as he is essentially continually helping to create new activities at the center. When he hears someone say, “Why don’t we,” or “I wonder if” you can count on him to gathering kindred souls together to make it happen.

One of twelve children Tony learned early on how to make harmony out of chaos and understood the importance of laughter and hospitality. He refers to the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz as an excellent model for life.

Positive Aging Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comNaturally, all the people come to the center are aging, and he has observed the variations in lifestyles and attitudes. Since 2000 he has made long lasting friends who share their challenges and achievements with him.

On Fridays “Senior Stretch” meets from 8:30 – 9:30 with Tony facilitating range of motion exercises. In spite of the early schedule, there’s usually a turnout of happy fans. At the monthly 90’s Club, he offers our members chair exercises that have become a welcome addition to the program.

As a certified massage therapist, he is aware of the best routines for varying abilities.

It was the wonderful Gardening Program at the center that caught Tony’s participation in the first place with its barbecues and friendship. Next came the Ranch Breakfasts and equally successful Tuesday Night Live! For nine years Tuesday night live has averaged a crowd of about 65 folks to break bread together. Jerry Shevenell has been the main chef for the past four years and at 80 years of age is now coaching some younger seniors to keep the kitchen cooking. The funds raised from Tuesday Night Live go directly to the general fund of the center The “FUN” raised goes directly to the wellness of the participants and their guests, many under 50.

If you missed the class, don’t despair. Tony Alonzo is on task creating ongoing Healthy Aging Workshops. It is all evolving and will be featuring local health professionals to share their expertise. Look for the next one in the fall which will be a panel of local health resources.

Tony credits his wife Karol for keeping him healthy and rejuvenated. Celebrating 51 years together they have traveled to 22 countries. Again, it’s all about people and their take on life. One day in Hawaii he was mistaken for Santa Claus and the child’s Grandmother explained that he didn’t have his suit on because Santa was on vacation.

Seems like Tony has put his Degree from Cal Poly Pomona in Physical Education and Career in California Department of Youth Authority to good use. Check the website for times and menus at www.mid-countyseniorcenter.com


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