Pilch Receives Community Hero Award

Pilch Receives Community Hero Award

Watsonville Wetlands Watch News

Community Hero Award Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comOn November 20th, our Executive Director, Jonathan Pilch, was awarded a Community Assessment Project (CAP) Community Hero Award. CAP is a multi-year initiative to measure and improve the quality of life in Santa Cruz County that is sponsored by the United Way of Santa Cruz County and the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County. They conduct quality of life indicator surveys and work with over 800 Santa Cruz County residents to build and compile their data, which is used by a variety of organizations throughout the county.

Jonathan and the Watsonville Wetlands Watch were recognized for our work to preserve and restore Watsonville’s wetlands, provide diverse and creative approaches for community education and engagement that fosters conservation and appreciation of the wetlands.

We were also recognized for the work done on World Wetlands Day this past year, where over 400 volunteers came together to plant over 3,000 native species around the City of Watsonville’s Upper Struve Slough trail. This project is a part of the Watsonville Wetlands Climate Change Adaptation Project, designed to support the wetlands and Watsonville community as they adapt to a changing climate.

Please join us in congratulating Jonathan and the entire organization!

The Ospreys of Harkins Slough

Community Hero Award Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comOn January 23, 2018 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Fitz Wetlands Educational Resource Center, Master Photographer Seraphina Landgrebe presents The Ospreys of Harkins Slough.

Seraphina spent five months documenting the life of a pair of Ospreys at Harkins Slough. The result is a spectacular photo journal she captured of the Osprey’s life. In this presentation, She will show the beautiful photos she took and talk about her experience observing and photographing the Ospreys.

Seraphina chose to photograph the lives of the Osprey family because of a growing fascination with their nesting activities. The photo journal tells a story of the trials and challenges of rearing a young chick as the Osprey are attacked by Bald Eagles, other Osprey, and harassed by humans. She states: “It was a magical experience to photograph and document nature in action. I created this photo journal to illustrate the beauty of nature and the grace of Ospreys. Only through photography can one see the detailed beauty of their wings and feathers.”


Admission is free but you must reserve a seat online at Watsonville Wetlands Watch. For more information email ria@watsonvillewetlandswatch.org.

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