One Fear About Moving

One Fear About Moving

Fear About Moving Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comBy Janet Payne Downs

Fear About Moving Times Publishing Group Inc

Janet Payne Downs

Last Sunday I took my car to Master Car Wash on 41st Ave, left it there, and my dog Charlie and I went for a walk. I had no particular direction and decided to turn up 46th from Capitola Road.

Imagine my surprise when, about halfway up the street, I realized my sandals had stopped moving but I hadn’t. I began catapulting forward into one of those too-fast-to-stop-scenarios when I did a perfect face-plant into a blackberry bush. My knees slammed onto the pavement, as did my shoulder, which had been surgically replaced six weeks prior.

Charlie came over and plastered my face with kisses while I sat in shock. My initial response was to make sure there were no witnesses, then I considered bursting into tears, but refrained. Since I carry a bit of extra poundage, my knees suffered the most.

Fear About Moving Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comBecause I am sturdy and rather durable, no permanent damage was done. But what if? I worked in the ER for several years so I witnessed many patients whose bodies had betrayed them. A fall can absolutely change the rest of one’s life.

I cringe when I think about living in Houston and becoming afflicted with a life-threatening disease, or sustaining an injury which sends me to the hospital, then a nursing home. At least here in Santa Cruz I would have my friends to visit me, sing to me, and shower me with presents. I am most fortunate to have gathered dear people in my life, some of whom I have known over 50 years. How will I survive in Houston knowing not one soul? My son forgets my name sometimes.

There are close to 180 Urgent Care facilities in and around Houston. (I looked it up!) Michael said he would send me a link to each one in case I topple over and need immediate medical treatment when the family is at work.

It has dawned on me that the number of medical facilities in the area might warrant me creating an ER/Urgent Care $250 gift card for folks in the area. How cool would that be?

This I DO know: Once I land in Houston I won’t be coming back. PERIOD. Obviously, staying in good health and not careening into bushes is at the top of my to-do list.

Anyway, that’s it for me.

Stay with me for my next column, “Mrs. Buttinsky.”


Janet Payne Downs is a native Californian who resides in a small studio on the east side of Santa Cruz. She loves being a mother and grandmother, and is devoted to her dog Charlie. You can find her walking on East Cliff Drive most mornings with Charlie.

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