New Fiction For a Wide Range of Tastes …

New Fiction For a Wide Range of Tastes …

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The Girl from the Savoy

By Hazel Gaynor
William Morrow. $15.99

bb_girl-from-the-savoy New Fiction Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comSet during the 1920s in post-war Britain, this new novel from Hazel Gaynor introduces Dolly Lane, a young woman who is attempting to make a better life for herself that will take her beyond the drudgery of being a chambermaid in London.

Watching the Bright Young Things who patronize the grand Savoy Hotel where she works, Dolly would like to sample the champagne and enjoy the jazz that are part of the lives these women enjoy. Part of Dolly’s dream is to one day be on the London stage where she would be praised by the critics and applauded by girls just like herself.

An impossible dream? Perhaps, but stranger things have happened and for Dolly it all begins when she responds to an unconventional ad placed in one of the city’s newspapers by a struggling songwriter.

The novel’s other central character, Loretta May, is the daughter of a peer of the realm, who has achieved fame although it has come at a high cost. As this captivating novel develops, these two women’s lives will intersect and they’ll both discover the cost of realizing a cherished dream and the price that must be paid for holding on to what they most desire.

An absorbing “rags to riches” story, “The Girl from the Savoy” is filled with memorable characters, a rich, authentic, period setting and captivating plot that you’ll enjoy delving into. You’ll find this a highly satisfying read and one you’ll want to share with family or friends.

Liar’s Key

By Carla Neggers
MIRA. $26.99

bb_liars-key New Fiction Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comFBI art crime expert Emma Sharpe’s instincts tell her there’s something up when an old colleague, FBI legend Gordon Wheelock, drops by to see her in Boston.

Wheelock has stumbled upon some information about some stolen ancient mosaics that suggest art thief Oliver York may be involved in the heist. More worrisome is that fact that Emma’s own grandfather may also be linked to the crime.

Along with her fiancé, fellow FBI agent Colin Donovan, Emma becomes involved in the case that will take her from New England to Ireland and pit her against some very nasty and dangerous art thieves.

A multi-faceted thriller with plenty of action and surprises, “Liar’s Key” is one of those fast paced novels that delivers a good read from start to finish.

The House Without Windows

By Nadia Hashimi
William Morrow. $26.99

bb_house-without-windows New Fiction Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comLife for a woman in Afghanistan can be very trying, but if the woman has been accused of a crime it is doubly difficult. This new novel by Nadia Hashimi focuses on a woman named Zeba, an ordinary Afghan housewife and mother of four children, who is accused of killing her husband. Although she protests her innocence and her children support her, the rest of Zeba’s family believes she is guilty and demand justice.

Awaiting trial, Zeba shares a facility with other women who are awaiting a trial for a series of crimes. There’s Nafisa, a thirty year old imprisoned to protect her from an “honor killing”, Latifa, a twenty- five year old runaway who is in jail because it represents a safe haven and a teenager named Mezghan, who is pregnant and unmarried; thus she has been locked up for “zina” or “love crimes”.

Even among these women Zeba stands out because of her supposed crime and the belief that she practices witchcraft as well. Of course, the overriding question is, “Is this woman guilty as charged or is this all a terrible mistake or is there much, much more to her story?”

Assigned to find the answer and defend Zeba is Yusuf, a lawyer who has a passion for human rights. During the course of his client’s court case Yusuf is going to be in for some major surprises that will shake some of his core beliefs.

“The House Without Windows” offers an unforgettable look at life in Afghanistan as well as the challenging role women face in this society.

I Shot the Buddha

By Colin Cotterill
Soho. $26.95

bb_i-shot-the-buddha New Fiction Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comThis latest Dr. Siri Paiboun investigation follows the retired Laotian coroner, his wife Madame Daeng, and their friends as they investigate a trio of murders that have religious overtones that make life for everyone on both sides of the Mekong River exciting.

When Buddhist monk who is staying with Siri leaves a cryptic note on the refrigerator and then bicycles away without leaving a trace, Siri is off on this new adventure.

By the time it is concluded he and his wife will have had some breathtaking “escapes” and managed to run afoul of a number of government authorities and equally influential spiritualists, but they will also have saved an innocent man from a murder charge, exposed a corrupt police official and had a splendid time in Thailand.

Humor, lots of local color and a cast of slightly eccentric characters has made this long running series popular with readers who enjoy a little armchair traveling combined with their suspense yarns. If you are one of these folks you’ll probably enjoy making Dr. Siri Paiboun’s acquaintance.

When the Music’s Over

By Peter Robinson
William Morrow. $25.99

bb_when-the-musics-over New Fiction Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comThis twenty-third installment of the award winning Inspector Banks series attests to the popularity and durability of the long running set of novels about the British police officer.

Alan Banks has been bumped up to Detective Superintendent and this latest investigation involves two sexual abuse cases that are separated by decades.

While Banks and Detective Inspector Annie Cabbot have two crimes linked by their circumstances, one is a more high profile case involving a lauded poet and aging pop star. The poet, Linda Palmer, has come forward after many years to charge the singer raped her when she was just fourteen. Of course, her claim has been denied so it will take some astute and probing interrogations to get at the truth and find a link to the more recent crime, if one exists.

A staple of British crime fiction, the Inspector Banks novels always land atop the Best Seller charts whenever a new one is released. “When the Music’s Over” is no exception and notches another hit on the author’s list of hit titles.

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