Most Wanted of Santa Cruz County: March 15, 2013

Most Wanted of Santa Cruz County: March 15, 2013


Name: Sonny Costello, 39, 5’08”, 200 lbs, black hair, brown eyes; Transient

Wanted for: Felony Financial Elder Abuse

Details: Costello is wanted for defrauding a senior citizen of thousands of dollars by obtaining payment for construction work that had not been done.


Sean-Kenneth-McKowanName: Sean Kenneth McKowan, 29, 6”00” , 200 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes; Resident of Aptos

Wanted for: Felony Possession of a controlled substance

Details: McKowan is wanted for failing to appear in court for narcotics charges.


Felicia-PyetteName: Felicia Pyette, 26, 5’09”, 147, brown hair and brown eyes; Resident of Santa Cruz County

Wanted for: Pyette is wanted for several narcotics related charges; including possession of a controlled substance, paraphernalia, and under the influence of a controlled substance. She is also wanted for stealing a motor vehicle and other theft related charges.

Details: Pyette is also suspected in several other theft related investigations.

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