Join the Felton Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary

Join the Felton Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary

By Elaine Kennedy

Felton Volunteer Fire Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comEvents of the past few weeks force everyone to ask – What can we do? Who do you call if you have an emergency or a How safe are we?

Do you know where your local fire station is and who the Chief is? Do you know how many engines your Fire station houses? Do you know how many men and women make up your Felton Fire Department? In 1954 a small group of wives, girlfriends and family members of the Felton Fire Station met and formed the Felton Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary to raise funds to purchase equipment for the Volunteer unit.

In 1977 The Auxiliary members began Santa’s Shelves by making craft items and offering them for sale at a November event they called Santa Shelves. The name came about because they placed bookshelves around the room and stuffed the shelves with items for sale. Santa Shelves is always the weekend before Thanksgiving in November.

Felton Volunteer Fire Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comThe auxiliary has been able to purchase items for the squad; uniforms, fire hoses, AED’s (both adult and child sizes), a jaws of life, radios and many more much needed items.

Without these wonderful volunteer fire fighters, life in our valleys would not be possible. Who comes to help move a fallen tree across your road? Who comes when a car goes off the road? Who comes when you faint or have a heart attack? But the squad – who are all volunteers – is ready to respond in minutes to emergencies.

The auxiliary invites anyone in the community, over the age of 18, to join. Current membership is not only family member but community members as well

Events the Auxiliary sponsors and assists with are: Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast, Felton Remembers Parade, and Santa Shelves. Monthly meetings are held at the station the third Monday of every month at 7 p.m.


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