Garage Supply Area

Garage Supply Area

By Pam Hudson

Garage Supply Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comSimplify Me, Pam! My supplies area in the garage is a disaster, and I can’t ever find the ant spray and other household cleansers when I need them!

For much of my home, I like to edit the clutter, contain my stuff and keep it out of sight — but still easily accessible. However, for household and gardening items, the more visible the better. I find that if I use a huge bin for the cleansers, bug repellant, plant food, car wax, etc., I never use the stuff and can’t find it, or it just piles up on top of the bin. An effective way to corral these items is to place them in a Closetmaid metal wall rack, and bolt it to the wall in a very convenient location in your garage, and away from the hot water heater, children and pets.

Place toxic items in Ziploc bags to prevent odors from leaching out, and sort by “like” uses. For example, I stock the shelves by similar categories: car care and cleaning supplies, pest control and plant food, touch-up paints and spackling putty, batteries and glue and a small container of random nails and screws (in an up-cycled plastic mayo jar with a label indicating what’s in it).

Garage Supply Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comI use a couple of bungee cords hooked to the side of the rack to gather together the rolls of tape, twine and wire. Next to the rack I’ve hung a hook rack for mops, brooms, light changers, cobweb removers, etc. Each one is equipped with a durable but inexpensive curtain ring and hangs easily on the hooks.


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