Flynn Post — Community On His Side

Flynn Post — Community On His Side

Scotts Valley Business Owner is Fighting Cancer with a Lot of Help

Flynn-and-Kelly-Post Flynn Post Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comImagine your wife is carrying your first child due in April 2015 and finding out that the doctors say you may not live to see her grow up because you only have six months to two years left.

Flynn Post writes on his gofundme page, “I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer on Dec 27 2014. I have 7 nodes (or tumors) in my liver that is melanoma cancer! NOT GOOD!  And it’s not the skin type.  It’s a very rare type of systemic cancer.

“All I could think about was my child growing up without a father? Will I be alive to see and meet my child? Will my child ever remember me?

“My doctor says radiation is not an option! Chemo is not an option! However, today there is a drug called Yervoy … This treatment is showing signs of success… 50% of people live 1 yr longer and 25% live 2 yrs longer! These could be the years that I have to spend time with my wife and baby girl Leah. These could be the years that they come up with a new drug or treatment to give me another year or two. Yervoy is $100k per year but is thankfully covered by insurance… But I have a deductible to pay every year and every time I go to UCSF or see a specialist I have to pay (a 20 percent copay) and these visits are not cheap!”

gofundmelogo Flynn Post Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comPost and his wife, Kelly have out-of-pocket costs for the medicine alone is estimated to be $19,000 per year. To add to the family’s stress, the liver cancer developed from a cancer of the left eye Flynn had which resulted in its removal last summer.

Flynn and his wife own a business in Scotts Valley at 222G Mt Hermon Rd called Cali Style, a clothing and skate store. They were in a position with to lose everything because of the costs and the stress.

So they turned to the gofundme website where he could tell their story and ask for donations. Post wrote on the website, “Help my child remember and enjoy her father! Help my wife to not stress so hard and try to enjoy her pregnancy! Help me live so I can provide for my family that I love so much!”

The response was amazing.

Almost immediately the couple received more than $20,000 in donations. Then in just a week it reached $30,000. In only two weeks, the Posts were just $6,000 from the $50,000 goal.

Going public with their struggle has also resulted in a flood of stories and words of support from people affected by cancer and from cancer survivors who beat the odds.

The latest post from Flynn on the gofundme website says, “My new doctor is giving me hope! His name is Kevin Kim and is a melanoma specialist!! ALL he deals with is melanoma cancer!! He has explained to me that there are a few more options that I was told were not options!! While the odds are still against me, due to my good health and NEW POSITIVE attitude and outlook I have a feeling that is just the beginning of my new life!! I AM NOT READY TO GO YET!! I STILL HAVE MORE TO DO HERE!!

Neighbors Help Neighbors

On Friday, February 20, Erik’s DeliCafé of Scotts Valley will donate 50% of all sales from the day. Scotts Valley DeliCafé is located in the Kings Village Shopping Center at 222 Mt. Hermon Rd, #J (Next door to Flynn and Kelly Post’s Cali Style skate and clothing store in Scotts Valley) and the DeliCafé’s Friday hours are 10am – 9pm.

We will also raffle off a pair of Sharks tickets to a March Sharks game!

For information or to help, visit

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