sia_ebikeprague-tours eBikes Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comWhile bumper stickers telling that “My other car is a broom” held great popularity in October, “My other car is an eBike” continue to tell the playful story of eBikers. Today’s senior population is definitely on the move and eBikes fits the bill.

The spokes twirling around the neighborhood via electric power technology are predominately guided by those blowing out 35, 75 and beyond, candles on their birthday cakes. These peddlers know where they’re going and are enjoying an efficient ride.

Requiring no license, insurance or taxes, the pleasures of riding an eBike are magnified. A vehicle perfect for transportation and leisure relaxation, the eBike suits the fitness level of almost all riders. You can decide just how much effort you want to expend while pedaling and still have the freedom of gliding through the wind.

There’s plenty of factual data on the internet and www.electric-bicycle-guide.com provides a nonpartisan look at everything one needs to understand including the myths and fantasies. They mention the “super-hero” effect — when your battery runs out of juice and you suddenly realize you are still a human being! The site helps separate the good, the bad, and the ugly so your experience can put you in the driver’s seat. No complex technical terms or hype here, just accurate, reliable and helpful data on bikes and accessories providing you with confidence and motivation. Also worldwide and local trends are interestingly presented.

eBikes are a big part of the excitement at Bike Station’s new location next to Trader Joes on Clares Street. In addition to being named one of America’s 100 Best independent bike shops in the USA, Bike Station was one of the first shops in the county to offer eBikes. Their level of expertise with eBikes and with the state of the art maintenance and repair available at Bike Station, new riders are put at ease.

Going through a couple of up and down periods and lots of technological challenges over the years, the electric bicycle history began about 120 years ago.

Today, electric bicycling is growing fast. There are roughly 120 million e-bikes on the roads of China and today in the USA and Europe, the number of electric bicycles sold are also now in the millions.

Advanced technology with inventions such as torque sensors, power controls, new batteries and better hub motors have allowed the industry to be where it is today. There are now dozens of companies manufacturing electric bicycles and eBike development has created a significant environmental movement.

Locally, “current e Bikes” located at 131 Front Street is the newest provider of eBikes and accessories in Santa Cruz county. Mike Ahern left the corporate world to spread the word about the pleasures and environmental benefits of this form of transportation. He finds people to be receptive to the possibilities and eager to experience the benefits of eBiking. No need to through caution to the wind — book yourself a rental for a treat and see if it’s your way of moving around town!

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