CVRA Neighbors’ Night

CVRA Neighbors’ Night

VillageCorner-Capitola Neighbors’ Night Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comMarch 24 was the latest CVRA Neighbors’ Night event. The twin goals are to encourage Capitola residents to have a good time while meeting their neighbors, and to help local restaurants during the “off” season.

This time, Neighbors’ Night was at the Paradise Beach Grille. The fare included a donation to the Capitola Historical Museum. 42 Capitola residents attended.

Village_Linda-Smith-Board-President Neighbors’ Night Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comThe Capitola Village Residents Association is in its eighth year of existence. The CVRA is an association of the residents of Capitola Village and the nearby neighborhoods. Our goal is to follow issues of importance to the quality of life of the residents and to participate effectively in the political process when the City Council makes decisions that affect us. You can see a map of the neighborhoods by clicking on “Neighborhood” after you browse to


Membership in the CVRA is free. Meetings are held periodically as issues warrant, but most communication is done by e-mail.  If you’d like to join, please send an email to with “join” in the subject.

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