Child Pornography Arrest

In November 2012, Santa Cruz Police Detectives worked with detectives from the Pleasant Hill Police Department to investigate online videos being distributed that contain child pornography. The collaborative investigation came through mutual associations in the law enforcement cooperative of ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children). Using sophisticated forensic software, detectives were able to track the source of the videos to the suspect Mr. Tate Middour.

Investigators were able to determine that Mr. Middour was actively seeking out, downloading and redistributing online child pornography from the computer in his home. When investigators served a search warrant on Mr. Middour’s home, they found the computer was in the process of actively downloading files containing child pornography.

Mr. Middour was arrested on Tuesday January 29, 2013 on charges of possession, depiction and distributing child pornography. He was released on a posted bail bond four hours later and is back out in the community.

Some of his collection of child pornography contained victims that are already known to law enforcement. Investigators are also working to determine if Mr. Middour produced any child pornography as well as the files he obtained from other sources. Additionally, investigators are aware that Mr. Middour had access to a number of children, and they are working to determine if any are victims. Anyone who has a child that Mr. Middour had contact with is encouraged to contacted Santa Cruz Police Department detectives at (831) 420-5820. Individuals may also leave anonymous tips via our tip line and mobile apps listed below.

Investigators are continuing to collect evidence from Mr. Middour and may present additional charges at a later date.

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