In Her Shoes: Fire Burning Within – Celebrating the lives of women of color @ Resource Center for Nonviolence
Jun 1 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

This special evening of storytelling, spoken word and song will be on Saturday, June 1st at the Resource Center for Nonviolence, 612 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA.
Come to the fire…

For an evening of storytelling, spoken word and music; to witness and celebrate the lives and voices of women of color.
Following the production, we invite you to go deeper in conversation with the artists during our Brave Space Dialogue. We will create an inclusive and facilitated circle where we can come together to courageously explore issues of racism and supremacy for the purpose of collective healing.

In Her Shoes is a project of Sisters in Solidarity (SIS). We create sacred spaces for healing, unification, and empowerment. We’re an organization founded to restore our interconnectedness with each other and our planet.

In support of SIS, local women’s, environmental, and social justice organizations will provide educational materials for supporting your interest in further engaging in local- environmental and social justice activities/events.

Featured artists:
Joanna Burrows: Spoken Word Artist / Songstress
Joanna is a spoken word writer, singer, and performer. She has been performing since she was six years old. In a 5th grade project, she understood the power and magic of writing and sharing her story of a tragic time in her younger years. Joanna is an artist and community organizer. In all of her work, drawing from her own experiences of racism and sexism, Joanna remains hopeful and committed to empowering people of color and women to share their stories.
Sarah Cruse: Poet / Songstress
Sarah considers herself a poet at heart, and a lover of sound. She rests in the feeling of her creations, and what she ushers forth is simple, deep, and moving. Whether she is singing with her band, Ya Ya’s Kitchen, collaborating in playful improvisation, or surrendered in character to the theatre stage, Sarah is devoted to the medicine of performance art.
Cassandra Davies: Poet / Spoken Word Artist / Storyteller
The main theme of Cassandra’s writing is to convey the spiritual nature of our existence; the beauty of our diversity; and the sameness of our human experience. She believes that all journeys are sacred, and the difficulties we endure can often reveal our strengths and gifts. Cassandra co-hosts the podcast Guardians Speak – Personal Journeys of Transforming the Badge, and is the author of Reflections on a Sacred Journey, a collection of poems and Spoken Word.

Kinsha: Storyteller / Spoken Word Artist
Kinsha is a magnificent spiritual star. She’s an answered prayer; a spiritual warrior showing her most vulnerable self as love, sweetness, kindness, compassion, and joy all the time. She has an incredible ability to see and will out the best in people. As a poet, she shares her blend of words to encourage people to go deeper; to think longer; to stop. Want to know more about Kinsha? Show your heart. The experience lasts.