Ben’s Battle with Cancer Continues

Ben’s Battle with Cancer Continues

Jacob’s Heart September’s Child of the Month

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Ben having a fun day.

I’d like you to meet the one and only Ben — a spunky, happy 7-year-old who has been part of the Jacob’s Heart family since his diagnosis with brain cancer at age two. Despite Ben’s battle with cancer, he is the life of every party — with a smile that just lights up the room!

Ben’s type of brain cancer can often reappear; he’s fought it twice since 2014. Now, every three months Ben goes in for an MRI, which creates anxiety for him and his family. But, even with the constant concern the cancer might return, Ben and his family choose to live their lives with joy and love, grateful for each day they have together.

Ben and his family are a living example to the essence of Jacob’s Heart: that we can get through the unimaginable and use our own hardships to serve others. Ben’s older siblings, Griffin and Serafina, are shining examples of this. Even when times have been tough for their family, Griffin and Serafina continue to support the Jacob’s Heart teen group, host their famous cupcake fundraisers, and are always available to comfort and mentor other childhood cancer siblings.

Ben's Battle Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comBen’s family believes that life is precious, and that every moment should be enjoyed to its fullest. So, as we celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness this month, let’s join Ben and his family in making every moment count.

Lori Butterworth, Founder and Executive Director Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services

“Help’ is the hardest word a parent can say, but I’ve found it’s ok to accept help … ask for it and give it. Asking for help doesn’t make us weak it makes us human.” — Ben’s Mom.

Last year Ben was honored as the Beau of the Ball at the Kidrageous Golden Gallop, one of our three fun-filled community events celebrating National Childhood Awareness Month.

“My favorite things about Jacob’s Heart are … fire trucks — when they come: Santa — when he came in the monster truck: and the duck I played with at camp!” — Ben, September Child of the Month.

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