Aptos Troop 609 Robbed Twice!

Aptos Troop 609 Robbed Twice!

By Scoutmaster Dan Flippo

A21601Scouts_scout-crew Troop 609 Robbed Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comBoy Scout Troop 609 of Aptos is asking for the community’s help. This fall, the troop’s storage pod was broken into and their camping equipment was stolen.

The scouts worked extremely hard after this theft by participating in several community-based fundraisers in order to raise funds to recoup their loss while also working towards a more secure storage solution.

Unfortunately, over the weekend of January 8-10, their storage pod was broken into once again, and the remainder of their tents and other camping supplies were stolen.

The troop has lost all of their tents, lanterns, camp chairs, and stoves due to these thefts. We are looking for the community’s help in raising funds that will allow the troop to purchase new camping equipment and a trailer, as well as locating a secure storage site.

Troop 609 of Aptos is part of the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council of Boy Scouts of America. The troop has a long history but was most recently reestablished as a Troop in 1999. There are 37 inspiring boys and young men who are currently a part of the troop. They strive to learn leadership skills, build upon solid ethics, and learn to be active members of their communities by participating in a wide variety of service projects.

A21601Scouts_Robbed-Storage-Container Troop 609 Robbed Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comThe concepts of leadership, community service, patriotism, and reverence are all learned while participating in fun-filled outdoor activities. The scouts also learn how to protect the environment for the future by working on environmentally helpful projects as well as adhering to the concept of “Leave No Trace” when they are on adventure in the outdoors.

In order to continue to meet this goal of learning in an outdoor environment, the troop needs the community’s help in raising funds in order to recover their loss and secure future storage solutions. The troop is seeking service opportunities for fundraising and has also set up a “Go Fund Me” site for any donations.

The troop has set the goal to raise $7,500 in order to replace their lost equipment, purchase a trailer, and establish secure private storage for the future. The troop has also scheduled other fundraisers that will help provide scholarships for those scouts and families that need financial assistance in order to attend Troop outings and this year’s summer camp; however, the funds we are seeking from the community at this time will go directly towards recovering our loss from the recent thefts and the purchase of a small enclosed trailer.

To help the troop through donations, please visit the Troop 609 Fund at: https://www.gofundme.com/troop609aptos

For community service based fundraising opportunities, contact the troop at: Troop609fund@gmail.com


The following information was provided by Christine Matheny

List of stolen Camping Equipment
(All items have Troop 609 on them)

First Break-in Aug 2015: Six new tents, large camp stove, and lanterns

Second Break-in Jan 10, 2016: Another set of tents, propane tanks for camp stove, lanterns, and camp chairs.

The Knights of Columbus at the Resurrection church in Aptos is the Chartered Organization Representative of Troop 609. They have given us the opportunity to store our Troop Equipment in their Storage Container for the past four-plus years. But because of the two recent break-ins they will be removing the storage container, which was also used for their own storage, and the Troop will need to find other secure storage arrangements.


Troop 609 Information


Confirmed 40 Eagle Rank Scouts promoted from Troop 609 during 2000 – 2015
Scoutmaster: Dan Flippo, Lieutenant Santa Cruz Police Department
15 Adult Assistant Scoutmasters
10 Adult Committee Members
37 Boy Scouts ages 11 to 18

Community Service Hours dedicated to our community in the hundreds of hours each year. In a period from Nov 21 to Dec 29, 2015, 171 volunteers community hours were provided by the Scouts in Troop 609 at events like the Run for Pie in Nisene Marks, Santa Cruz Lions Christmas Tree lot, a rummage sale at the Resurrection Church, and the Santa Cruz Cite El Nino Emergency Prep Fair (scouts filled sand bags for fair goers and had a booth where the community could purchase Emergency Back Packs)

2 Responses to "Aptos Troop 609 Robbed Twice!"

  1. CJ  January 17, 2016 at 5:05 am

    Definetly a dastardly deed, but to use the word “Robbed” in your headline is inaccurate, exaggerative, and often used to sensationalize a story such as this, a simple burglary. Robbery describes violence (or the threat thereof) against a person during a theft, which did not occur here. Please return your grammar badge…

    • Noel Smith  January 20, 2016 at 1:17 pm

      CJ, according to my dictionary Robbed is to “take property unlawfully from (a person or place) by force or threat of force.”

      The camping equipment was taken unlawfully from a place (the storage pod) by force (the hasp was broken because the padlock was hardened steel) which seems to meet the requirements of the term.

      Be sure to make your contribution to replace the Boy Scout camping equipment and thank you for reading the Aptos Times


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