Academic Progress in the PVUSD

Academic Progress in the PVUSD

Academic Progress Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comFor the past two years, Pajaro Valley Unified School District has focused on strengthening or implementing evidence-based early literacy programs and it is a pleasure to share with you the significant results in the elementary level that speak to students’ hard work.

The recent Northwestern Evaluation Association’s Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) evaluation, taken by 10.2 million students nationwide, show impressive results in mathematics and reading.

“In addition to speaking to the students’ engagement in the classroom, these results are directly represent staff’s commitment to setting the stage for our students to succeed in their education and truly prepare them to be ready for college and career upon leaving high school,” said Dr. Michelle Rodriguez, Superintendent of PVUSD. These tests inform the District of students’ readiness to make the necessary growth to be at grade level in reading and mathematics.

According to NWEA’s results, winter 2019 assessment showed the following impressive gains by grade level when compared to last year’s winter results:

In 2nd grade, 56% in reading and 81% in mathematics are on track to make 2-years growth this school year! This is a 31% increase from last year’s results in both subjects.

3rd grade shows that 94% in reading and 100% in mathematics are on track to make 1-year or more growth, which represents stable growth in reading and a 7% increase in mathematics when compared to last year.

4th and 5th grade results are equally impressive: In 4th grade, 81% in reading and 75% in mathematics are on track to make more than 1-year growth. This represents a 6% increase and a 19% increase from last year’s results respectively. 81% in reading and 68% in mathematics: In 5th grade are on track to reach more than 1-year growth this year, a 13% and 18% increase from last year in reading and mathematics.

These results are not just a testament of students and staff’s perseverance; it is also an acknowledgement of our families’ systems of support at home. Together, we celebrate this accomplishment as we continue to improve these positive experiences for all of our students.


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