AA Safe & Security Company – Your Local Security Expert

AA Safe & Security Company – Your Local Security Expert

AASafe-logo AA Safe Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comWhat began as a key cutting and basic locksmith company has grown into one of the largest locksmith and security solution providers on the central coast. Established in 1956, AA Safe & Security Co. is a full service locksmith and security company serving both Central Coast and the South Bay areas. Current owner, Scott Edelstein moved to Santa Cruz in 1994 to start his own security business then in 2001 purchased his largest competitor AA Safe & Security Company.

Scott shared the company’s sole focus. “We are a solution providing company tailored to meet most budgets. Security systems are a loss and liability management tool. We provide proactive steps in the prevention of loss and liability. Our goal is to educate our clients, and to show them ways to be empowered. We provide quality installations including (but not limited to) Storefront Door Hardware, Keyless Card Access Entry Systems, CCTV, Automatic Door Operators, Locks and much more….”

aasafe-medeco-logo AA Safe Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comTechnology has come a long way in its ability to provide safety conscious consumers with multi level security options. One of the newest solutions on the market is Medeco e-Cylinder or Smart Key technology. This includes not just Smart Keys, but also a Smart Locks as well, which is a complete and forensics security product.

AASafe_Medico-eCylinder AA Safe Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.com

AA Safe & Security Company can provide their clients with this customized software driven, electromechanical system. This security system has the capability to read each individual key and lock ID code that records each time the key is used. This system is able to distinguish between employees and company vendors. With e-Cylinder, companies no longer need to rekey their buildings when a key is lost or after an employee has left the company. Rather than having to change locks, AA Safe & Security Company and the end user can simply delete the employee’s key from the system. These keys are also patent protected which means they cannot be duplicated.

The system is also scalable, so additional doors and or keys can be added at any time.

Another feature of a Medeco e-Cylinder or a Smart Key System is that it allows for time restrictions anytime of the day or night, which allow only authorized personnel access to that door. For example, a janitorial service only has a limited time of access to the building say Friday night between 10 PM and midnight. At the request of the client, AA Safe & Security Company can conduct an audit of all keys and their usage.

“This Smart Key Lock technology is a game changer for us” shared Scott. “We estimate that almost 90% of new construction door openings will be built with some sort of smart, intelligent technology by the year 2024.”

AA Safe & Security Company is trained and certified to provide more traditional hardwired access control systems which may be operated by proximity card readers, keypad or biometrics that can be controlled by browser based as well as traditional controllers. Another facet of security that is traditionally not thought of as a capability locksmiths have is Closed Caption TV (CCTV) or surveillance systems. AA Safe & Security Company has been selling and installing CCTV surveillance systems for many years and can provide a wide array of systems to meet your security needs. They also offer analog and true IP based systems, including the ability to view your camera’s in real-time over the Internet or mobile device.

Another important part of AA Safe & Security Company’s business is residential. That is, providing security systems for people who are trying to protect their homes and families. No one wants to come home and find that criminals have violated it and that valuables and their sense of security have both been lost.

“Physical security and key control is a big deal since most home break-ins are through the front door,” said Scott.

The latest trend in break-ins is “key bumping.” This is when a standard front door locks can be bumped (picked) with no signs of forced entry which means most homeowners are unaware of how vulnerable they are. Criminals can easily obtain this knowledge and gain access to the tools via the Internet. AA Safe & Security Co. has proven their ability to combat this issue by providing its clientele with bump resistant locks.

Supporting the local community is important to AA Safe & Security. They have a history of donating to various organizations in Santa Cruz County and are proud members of various local organizations. AA Safe & Security Company is fully licensed and bonded with a C-28 Contractors license 767441 and LCO#1026, so you can rest assured at the service being provided. Also, in July 2007, AA Safe & Security Co became the Central Coast’s only Medeco Security Center. Medeco Security Centers are a selected group of Medeco and Arrow dealers chosen by the manufacturer for their professional business practices, experience and desire to lead our industry in educating consumers about security risks and solutions.

At a Medeco Security Center, you find knowledgeable, factory-trained personnel that provide sound security advice, top-notch service and genuine expertise. Medeco Security Center partners go through extensive security training. This, coupled with their many years of experience in the physical security business, qualifies them as an expert in high security plus the entire Arrow and Medeco product line.

Whether your security need is for residential, commercial, automotive, industrial, institutional, and government use, AA Safe & Security Company is there for you. Oh yes, and in case you’re wondering, they still cut traditional keys too… AA Safe & Security Company is located at 712 Soquel Ave. Stop by and visit their state of the art showroom or our website at www.aasafe.com or call them toll free at 800-577-3365 or locally at 831-423-5415.

For Security, Our Clients Use:

Medeco eCylinder, Smart Lock & Keys: Stanford University • Palo Alto Medical Foundation • Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department

Hardwired Card Access Control: • MCM Diversified • Barry Swenson Builders • PAC COM Management

CCTV Surveillance: • Good Times Building – Downtown Santa Cruz • Galleria – Downtown Santa Cruz • UTC Building – Downtown Santa Cruz • Encompass (formally Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center)

Member & Supports: • Monterey Bay Green Business Program • Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce • Think Local First • Second Harvest Food Bank

AA Safe & Security Company 712 Soquel Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95062

831-423-5415,408-478-9788, 800-577-3365, Fax: 
831 423-5487

info@aasafe.com Website: www.aasafe.com

Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Closed Sunday

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