50th Anniversary Recollections

50th Anniversary Recollections

By Bruce McPherson

McPherson_Richfield-Gas-Station Recollections Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comI have some very fond memories of the way Scotts Valley was 50 to 60 years ago.

My uncle and aunt, Lloyd and Alma Ragon, lived in Scotts Valley with their three children, Lloyd “Junior” Ragon, Pat and Ron Ragon.

Lloyd Ragon was a “do-everything” auto mechanic. They had a Richfield gas station (and home) at the site of Duncan’s Auto Tech on Scotts Valley Drive. I remember how frustrating it would be for my uncle to literally, about every 10 minutes, come out from underneath the car he was working on to tell someone, “Go down about quarter of a mile, turn to the right, and that will get you there,” usually to Henry Cowell or Big Basin State Park.

My aunt, Alma, was Mrs. Claus at Santa’s Village, another destination point for many visitors and county residents alike. She loved it – we all loved it – because there were nothing but smiling faces and good times at Santa’s Village, whether it be summer of December.

Cousin “Junior” was a racecar driver – Number 6 – and had quite a following. My brother, Fred, and I remember going to see him race, as well as having many, many good times with Ron and Pat playing games with neighbors on the dirt roads (not all roads were paved then) in the “good old days” in Scotts Valley.

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