2016–17 CCS Spring Sports Honor Coaches

2016–17 CCS Spring Sports Honor Coaches

Coaches Times Publishing Group Inc tpgonlinedaily.comThe Central Coast Section has announced recipients of the 2016-17 CCS Spring Sports Honor Coach Awards: These exceptional coaches were selected by their Central Coast Section colleagues to be recognized during the current 2016-17 spring season.

Jamie Townsend of Aptos High School — Not missing one season since 1973, Coach Townsend has been a pillar of leadership and dedication for the last 43 years at Aptos High School.

For the past 14 years, Coach Townsend has coached the boys golf team, but he has also served as a coach for tennis, football, and track at Aptos. Winners of multiple league titles and having a player go on to win the CIF State Championship was always secondary to the care and support he gives his players.

A quiet leader who creates a safe place for his players, Coach Townsend focuses on treating each player with the upmost respect, listening to, supporting, and guiding them through their high school years.

Past athletes from multiple generations come back to Aptos and share stories of how Coach Townsend shaped their lives. He is a transformational coach who uses sports to teach lessons that will last a lifetime.

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